Tens 3000


The Tens 3000 provides non-invasive, drug free electrotherapy. The TENS 3000 has an operating system as simple as an analog device yet holds the accuracy of a digital one. Safety was always a main target when this machine was engineered and that is one of the things that users like the most. It comes with a transparent pivoting cap that covers the amplitude knobs called the Safety Amplitude Cap. This cap provides a protection over the amplitude knobs preventing any accidental bumps or knob movements

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Tens 3000

  • 3 Mode: Burst, Modulation, Constant
  • Microprocessor Technology for precision dial performance
  • Pulse Width: 30-260(uS)
  • Pulse Rate: 20-150(Hz)
  • Timer: 15,30, constant
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


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