CRYODERM® Pain Reliever


An extremely effective topical pain reliever used in pain management programs to treat athletic and muscle-related injuries; sore or strained muscles; shoulder and arm discomfort; neck, hip and leg pain; back pain; painful joints; sports injury pain; ankle or foot pain; and pain associated with arthritis.

Apply CRYODERM® PAIN RELIEVER before, during and after treatments to reduce stiffness, enabling greater ROM (range of motion) and flexibility.


Available in removable, hands-free applicator, gel, spray, roll-ons and singles



Cryoderm is an all-natural cold pain relief gel that helps to reduce back pain, swelling and spasms. It contains a highly effective blend of essential oils and natural plant extracts such as arnica, boswella, eucalyptus, menthol, peppermint and ilex. These natural anti-inflammatory ingredients have been shown to reduce swelling, bruising, pain and spasms in the lumbar and cervical regions. CryoDerm is especially effective when used in combination with chiropractic, massage and other physical therapies. Made in the USA, CryoDerm is produced without testing on animals.


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