BIOFREEZE® Pain Reliever


An extremely effective topical pain reliever used in pain management programs to treat athletic and muscle-related injuries; sore or strained muscles; shoulder and arm discomfort; neck, hip and leg pain; back pain; painful joints; sports injury pain; ankle or foot pain; and pain associated with arthritis.

Apply BIOFREEZE® PAIN RELIEVER before, during and after treatments to reduce stiffness, enabling greater ROM (range of motion) and flexibility.


Available in removable, hands-free applicator, gel, spray, roll-ons and singles

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BIOFREEZE® PAIN RELIEVER contains ilex, an all-natural, herbal tea that has been used for centuries by the Paraguay Indians to enhance the effects of their medicines.
Penetrates skin quickly and deeply
Greaseless and nonstaining with a vanishing scent
Manufactured in the USA
Not tested on animals
Removable, hands-free applicator features a delicate sponge for even application on sore joints, including knuckles, knees and elbows and Max Strength Wipes are the Strongest BIOFREEZE® available and are small enough to place anywhere, including gym bags, purses, first aid kits and pockets


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